The Long Road South

A month ago, Megan and I packed up ol' Lupe -- my '99 Toyota Tacoma -- and headed south. Taking only the coastal routes from Oregon to San Diego, we took our sweet time and enjoyed the sights, smells and sounds of life on the road. We even spotted a flaming golden hawk! Below is a small sample of photos from the trip. Unfortunately, I managed to lose a ton of shots from the Redwoods and other parts of Northern California. Major bummer. Oh yes, I love technology, but not as much as you, you see. Enjoy!

edit: do any blogger experts know why some of the photos open larger and others will not? thx!


  1. nice shots!

    nerd speak: if you mouse over the pics that do pop you'll notice a URL in the bottom of your browser window...the ones that don't pop don't have that url. im not positive how the google blogger thing works but you probably need to make sure you have both an [img] and [a] html tags associated with your pics.

    i'd guess that the ones that don't pop probably don't have the correct [a] stuff.

    probably saying something like [a href=""]
    and should say [a href="http://blahblah.jpg"]