A New Perspective

This Aquatech water housing is fun. My understanding of the gizmo grows exponentially each time I lug it into the water.  It might be a while before I'm getting shots like this Burkard masterpiece, but at least I'm learning. And learning feels good, no, great. I wish I had the cajones to take the bugger out when it was 8ft and heaving, but the 30 guys dominating the peak, most of which were Hawai'ian,  looked moderately intimidating. Next time.
I also spent a day and an evening shooting from land. I like going the land route because it allows me to bring my lady along and ladies are good.


  1. i never hit it, but i heard that reef is super sharp. rad shots...

  2. I love all of these shots, but I must say the underwater shot of the surfboard is pretty epic. Most decent.