i am so many things.
i am so many.
i control my mind.
i have the power of positivity.
i hurt.
i heal.
i have hurt.
i help heal.
i love. fully.
i open my heart to new beginnings.
i believe.
i forgive and i ask forgiveness.
i harness faith.
i look forward, not back.
i burn the past.
i start fresh.
i commit to and honor love.
i grow with.
i submit.
i encourage.
i look past myself.
i am new.
i am patient.
i am excited.
i am understanding.
i am.
i am.
i am.
i am so many things.
i am yours.


  1. you. are. man. who. chose. fire.

  2. Whoa. i am hairy.

    i am skunked?

    Ha. Jus kidin. Twener days been where it at durring the last 2 mongo swells. Still managed to scare myself thou.

    Seriously though. Picked up a copy of ESM while back visiting the folks. Happend to be the one with your ad in it. Email me your new address and I'll throw it in da mail if ya dont already have it.