Good Day

I went down to Lincoln City and took some shots of Ollie and Dan towing the south peak at Tackle Buster Reef (AKA: Nelscott) today. The paddle contest was going on at the north reef and it was very impressive. I was stoked to see those guys get into some steep ones. But I'm not putting any of those shots up yet. So you get this pretty little guy from one of my favorite spots in the whole entire world. Ok,  I'll put up one wave shot. Also, I can't even begin to explain how very sad I feel for the friends and family of Andy Irons. I didn't know him at all, but when you see somebody in videos and interviews and live webcasts, you start to feel like you do know them. I can say with confidence that the entire surfing community is mourning the loss of one of the greatest surfers the sport has ever known. I wish there was more I could do. Aloha.

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