Life is so rad sometimes. I had been hinting to Sweetie that I wanted an old 35mm camera to add to my collection. Well, I didn't get one for my birthday. I hinted some more. I didn't get one for Christmas. No worries. One will come along and the rest of my presents were amazing anyway. I wasn't stressin' it. Then, when I went home to Bend for the holidays, my Mom nonchalantly says, "Honey, go downstairs and see if those cameras I put down there have any value. Feel free to sell 'em for some extra money." 

"What are they?" I replied. 

"Oh, just some cameras and an old SLR."

I sprinted downstairs and there, at the bottom of a little paper bag, discarded as a junker, was a late 1960's Pentax Spotmatic. It was my Grandfather's camera that he had used and then gave to my mom when she went to Europe in the mid 70's. I was stoked. Anyway, I threw a new battery in it and fired off a few rolls since Christmas. Shooting with film and an old camera is so fun. You never know what you're going to get. 

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