Get In The Van

If you're one of those unfortunate souls not familiar with the photography of Nick LaVecchia and Brian Nevins, well, the time is now. Check out their site, Get In The Van, for frequent updates and some amazing imagery. It makes me wish we had snow on the beach. Enjoy!


  1. You really don't take criticism well do you, no regard for those who live around you and what they hold sacred. Nice editing, go ahead and edit this, but any respect anyone had left for you was lost with your actions, remarks and now your censorship of others voices. Your a constant contradictive fool.

  2. criticism is fine. but hatred and constant put downs are a little tiring. i deleted the analytics post because upon further review i thought that my rant may have been a little brash. i most definitely understand why individuals get worked up over my work and find it to be upsetting. but I have more respect for these places than you'll ever know. again, for the last time, i'm not naming names or giving directions or inviting people anywhere. and, again, your real enemy is wannasurf, magicseaweed and the barrage of other websites constantly revealing these locations by maps, names and detailed driving directions. and if people from out of state are going to go and try to surf those spots, well, i hope they're ready from some serious disappointment because we all know those spots are incredibly fickle and the windows to score are very small. furthermore, the next time you're in the water at one of these sacred locations maybe ask an unfamiliar face how they heard of it, how they found it, etc. i'd bet my bottom dollar they won't say it's related to my photos.

    and, the only "censorship" i've enforced is when somebody names a specific spot. i deleted the entire post regarding the analytics, not just comments. therefore, i censored my own voice as well.

    "i think it's the height of hypocrisy for any person to sit there and click through photos on surfline or look through a magazine and invest the time and money into looking at everyone else's spot and appreciating that, but when it comes to their own, they're going to snap on the photographer?"

    i'm done replying to comments on here. it does nothing for you. it does nothing for me. if anyone would like to truly communicate, my contact information is around.