Spring Cleaning

I'm an incredibly impatient person. Well, I mean, I can wait for a few things: a set wave, just the right moment to shoot and for everybody around me to sit down at the dinner table before I start eating. That's about it.

After a shoot, I come home and immediately edit the select shots, completely neglecting to delete the throwaways. If I was patient, I'd do that, but I'm not so I don't. Therefore, I'm painfully going through old folders deleting all of the files that are sitting in limbo on my hard drive.

Whenever I take on this task, there are always a few files that I had forgotten about. It's awesome. I'll come to a shot and go, "Oh yeah! I need to do something with that." So -- because of my impatience -- I throw it into Photoshop and get to business, completely neglecting the rest of the files that need to be thrown away. So be it.

So, 3 hours and 177 gigabytes later, here are a few of the survivors.


  1. I used to watch that slab in college from the pull out. I wondered if people surfed it... till I saw it in the mags...

    I can't believe you would consider deleting those. I would be stoked to take any of em!

  2. Thanks man! Yeah, the slab is a beast. So gnarly. Hey, invite me to your blog already. I miss it.