Expired Film

Well, I picked up my first two rolls of expired slide film today and it wasn't quite what I was expecting.

These rolls must have been stored in a cool dark place because the color still seems fairly accurate without much discrepancy for film that is 8 years expired.

Here are a few results.


  1. I might have some old rolls laying around...
    Likely alot older than 8 years old tho.

  2. No way, really?

    Slide film or print film?

    Any other specifics?


  3. You like the hot seat, you don't like surfing the northern Oregon Coast, do you? Oh I know, we've all heard every whiney excuse in the book from you. I don't name spots, I chase off other photographers, etc etc. Let me just google the sand dune or spindrift inn. You think the world is stupid, no only you are. You should pack up your Maroon T100 and drive far away, we don't need you advertising our quiet towns, quiet peaceful places anymore.
    I hope they you cashed out enough on your Surfing center fold, you trust fund, prick.

  4. stan the man,

    as i've said before, if the lineups of these spots start getting overcrowded because of my photos then we can talk. also, it's a lot of smoke and mirrors. that shot in SURFING was of a peak that was closing out 99.9% of the time and a couple sets happened to roll through. there's a reason nobody's on it, stanley.

    and i have 10 times better photos of the "secret" spots in the area, but i don't run those. i don't send those out.

    trust fund? get your facts straight mystery man.

  5. the day i see somebody surfing that peak at laneda, ill take a dump in the middle of the four way stop during the 4th of july parade. cheers.

  6. http://www.hatersgoingtohate.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/haters-gonna-hate-cat.jpg

  7. Yeah, thanks for the education on how our backyard works. It makes it so much more justifiable now that you created worldwide talk and a GPS map. Something you swore you would never do to anywhere," I don't post directions or maps". Continual hypocrite. You also created a lot of talk about yourself. It's only a matter of time until you can't hide anymore and everyone figures out just what you look like, drive and where you now live. Since you couldn't hack it out on the coast. Keep your head low, circle your few friends, you put this all upon yourself.

  8. stan,

    i'm a bit confused as to what you're speaking of.

    worldwide talk? gps map? could you provide evidence? not just the spread, but true evidence of wold wide talk and a gps map. i certainly haven't posted directions or maps anywhere. as you mentioned, yes, somebody could google the businesses in the shot and find out where it was taken, but, again, if somebody comes in search of that wave, they're destined to be disappointed. it was double overhead and closing out except for the few - and i stress few - random peaks that would come through. and say somebody does come searching for it. and let's say somebody does score it. maybe they're from california or washington or hawaii or maine. they'll have a good session, a good memory and move on.

    what is the issue here? overcrowding? an asp world tour event? a gigantic influx of coastal dwellers? i've talked to quite a few people that have lived out here for their whole lives or the past few decades and the majority of them have told me that the spots that people surfed then are the spots that people surf now. i've also talked to people that have memories of only a handful of beach dwellers and surfers down at shorties. the sport has grown, the participation has grown and that's not my fault. it's not my fault that somebody from pdx sees kelly slater's new imax movie at omsi and then goes out and tries surfing and falls in love with it, buys a wetsuit and goes down to shorties on saturday and sunday.

    lets look at the facts:

    population of seaside over last 40 years:

    1980: 5,193
    1990: 5,359
    2000: 5,900
    2010: 6,200 (est)

    so, in 40 years, the population of oregon's "coolest" town has grown by 1,000 people. that's 250 people per 10 years, or, 25 people a year. too bad we can't figure out how many of those 25 people per year moved here specifically to surf. i'm guessing it's an incredibly low percentile.

    i understand why you and others are so afraid of my photos. they're pretty and inviting and they make you think that this place is going to blow up. well, we all know "the spot" can only hold so many people and the locals absolutely dominate anyway. the beach breaks are shifty and generally a bit mushy and the out of the way spots are so fickle and hard to get to that i generally surf them by myself or maybe with a few other heads if it's on the weekend. the water is frigid and most traveling surfers are scared out of their minds of sharks. it's cold and rains a lot during the "good" months and summer is often flat and gutless.

    stanley, you'll still get your waves and isn't that what it all boils down to?

    "it's only a matter of time until you can't hide anymore and everyone figures out just what you look like, drive, and where you now live."

    well, thanks to everybody's favorite lawyer in town, the majority of people up here know where i live, what i drive, who my friends are, etc. etc.

    take it easy.