Fun with Flare (and Film)

I'll be the first admit that I don't think film takes a "better" picture. It just takes a different sort of picture. It looks different. It feels different. It's just different. Sometimes that's good. Often times that's bad. It takes a lot more effort to get a good looking photo with film than it does with digital. At least in my opinion. What I truly love about film is the anticipation of getting it back. It usually takes me a few weeks to burn through a roll of film as I really try to save it for good shots or good light or good something or other. So, since it takes weeks -- or more -- to go through a roll, I often forget what shots I took on that particular roll of film. It's great. I get it back from the developers and see shots I totally forgot about. It's always a surprise. It's like Christmas every few weeks. I got 9 rolls of expired film from my buddy "Doc" last week. Two of the rolls are circa 1985. Can't wait to put those bad boys to use and see what sort of shots they produce. Stoked.

On a side note, those U-Down guys are everywhere! I used to see it all over O'ahu, but have seen it here in Oregon a lot lately. As you can see in the stop sign picture, they're great with placement. Hoping to see more of their stuff around the state. 

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