Sometimes it's best to be lost.

And sometimes I'll get a shot that will most likely never run anywhere, that will most likely only sit on my hard drive and be a desktop every so often.

Well, this is one of those shots.

For some reason, I just love it. Maybe it's the feeling of freedomI had when I took it. Maybe it's the way the sun was warming my face after a brisk morning drive through roads shaded by redwoods. Or maybe it's the fact that I couldn't go play on this wave because it was private property. Something about this shot just makes me feel good.

You know me, always the dreamer.

Still dreaming.


  1. I love it too. A lot. It reminds me of our road trip and anything that reminds me of our road trip reminds me of how much I love you. :-)

  2. That photo should be on the cover of a surf mag. It's not too often you see a pristine photo with waves in the backround where there arn't a million people on it..Looks like it could've been taken 20 or 30 yars ago. The quality is nice and it captures a warm cozy moment in beautiful solitude. It's actually inspired me to write a musical composition.