Fun Interview

I was shooting on the beach in Ventura one day, minding my own business, chatting with a surfer's dad and out of nowhere comes this girl that starts firing off question after question about photography and this and that and whatnot and whatever. It made me laugh on the inside because I finally understood what it must be like for people to talk to me. I've always been told that I ask a lot of questions. Anyway, that girl was Sharleen Rydie and she's a killer photographer that's currently living down in Ventura. A month or so after that blown out evening at Emma Wood, Sharleen sent me a series of questions via email. A month after that, she posted the interview on her website.


Also, be sure to take a gander at her photos.

Killer stuff.


  1. wow....crazy about your pops.
    good read.

  2. thanks man. yes, crazy indeed. but i like to think that i'm exempt now. :-)