All Things Weird

The city was aggravating me. The concrete and brick were acting as a catalyst to the sun's merciless rays forcing me to perspire indoors. 97 degrees isn't my idea of a comfortable, functioning temperature. 

So I left. 

I knew the swell and wind forecast from routine research and decided to check out a new zone. Off the beaten path and heavily depressed, this area was sure to be one of those fickle regions where the chances of scoring are virtually nil. However, I had to get the hell out of Dodge. With a paper bag full of food and a newly configured iPod, I hit the road in search of some surf. 

I got skunked. 


However, I did get in the water. Therefore, the trip wasn't an ultimate skunking. But all I did was throw myself over ledges and into the pits of dark brown close out barrels. It's always nice to get "the view", but sometimes the beatings you get in return remind you of just how powerful shoulder high waves can be when they are hollow and dumping into three feet of water. 

An hour of that was enough. 

So I went exploring. Which, to no surprise, was much more enjoyable and productive. Within 30 minutes of hanging out on a mysterious beach, I saw a dead fish, a dead dolphin (this made me very sad), two bald eagles, a plethora of starfish, and a bear. I was indeed "out there". 

All in all the quick trip was fun and refreshing, but with a serious lack of surf on a decent swell with favorable winds, it will be a good long while before I head back. 

Plus the sites, the towns, the beaches, the trees, the roads, the food, and most importantly, the people, are all a wee bit weird. 


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  1. don't see much of these kind of shot from you. the exploring pics. enjoyed'em.

    p.s. google made me sign up for a stupid blogger account just so i could post a comment on yo' shit. apparently my gmail account, which is good for everything else, wasn't good enough for google...wtf.