Trust In What You Love

I think, in my life at least, that it is important to stand strong for who you are. Deep down in our core, we have a set of values and ideologies that we believe to be true, right and just. Because of this, I seem to idolize few people and even fewer congregations. The belief that we are equal and can all accomplish greatness to some degree, keeps my view of the human populace fairly level. Some of us make 8 figures a year playing ball games while some of us make peanuts working our asses off. No matter. We are just people. A species. Flesh and bones. Blood and guts.

However, there are always exceptions. Right? For instance, there is an artist out there from West Cornwall that I seem to admire. He has a profound and sincere view of the world and it happens to be a view that I share and admire. I'd like to have some tea and crumpets with this chap. Mickey Smith.


Do Trust In The Things You Love

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