Solo Session

I would say that 99% of the time I feel comfortable surfing solo. There are certain spots, or days, or times that spook me out more than others. Surely we've all experienced a little spook before. It's normal. However, what you fail to see in this shot is the abundance of sea lions directly out of the frame. And I don't use the word abundance loosely. A colony would be an appropriate noun to describe the astonishing amount of blubbery sea dwelling pinnipeds basking in the sun on this mid-summers day. Therefore, one would have to assume, if a certain predator of said pinnipeds was looking for an afternoon snack, he  -- or she -- might be in the general vicinity waiting for one of these delicious treats to enter the water. With all of these factors coming into play, I have come to the conclusion that the human you see standing on the beach, that had just come in after a fast and fun looking left, is an absolute nut job. No thanks. I'll pass. Enjoy your illusion of a solo session as I guarantee you're not alone. Heavy.

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