It's Different Here

My friends that live in other regions of the world are lucky enough to walk/skate/bike/drive to their local surf spot, check the conditions from their feet/skate/bicycle/vehicle and then decide whether or not to go out. And, for the sake of this entry, let's say the don't go out. Instead, they go over to The Big Squeeze for an Acai Bowl. Lucky for them, after their scrumptious treat, they can simply mosey on down to the ocean and check it all over again. 
Well, things are a little different up here. And that's how we like it. 


  1. Agreed. It's a different breed around here.

  2. Yah but when was the last time you surfed? I'm good till Feb, but not gonna rub it in thou : )-

  3. Too much other shit to do, when there's no surf. Wouldn't trade living here at this stage in the game. Maybe when the knees have had enough, I'll move back to reliable waves again.

  4. Sometimes I feel like the commute is going to break me. Then I turn around and will do it the very next day if I have the opportunity.

    The best part of living at a mountain resort was never feeling guilty when you only took one run cause you weren't stoked on conditions.

  5. and just when you think you got it figured out...blamo. assed out.

    makes it just that much better when everything comes together.