Day 2

Despite rain, sleet, hail and snow, we went fishing again today and Brett landed a nice one. It wasn't as huge as yesterday's prize Steelhead, but it was a beautiful native fish that put up quite a fight. We got some good photos and Brett thanked his fish with a kiss.

There's a real relationship between an angler and his catch. It's special to see. The fisherman puts all of his time and energy into getting the fish to shore and should be thankful that the fish got duped into the struggle. And the fish, well, the fish is simply late to wherever they were going.

"Bro, you're late!"

"Dude, I know, I got caught!"

"Bullsh!t. Let me see the inside of your lip."

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  1. Sick! This makes me want to fish more. I don't think I have even tied a fly in three years...