Here Fishy Fishy Fishies

So apparently surf isn't everything. I mean, it is, but it isn't.

I surfed alone for a combined total of 5 hours yesterday. The waves were really fun and I was wishing I had a buddy along to share some with. It's a bummer when you're paddling out after a good one only to see the wave of the set go by unridden. But I guess it's a lot better than dealing with a crowd. I'm not complaining.

The weather took a turn for the worse and there was no surf on offer today. My good buddy Brett practically lives with me out here (stoked!) and he was talking about how good the fishing had been on the Nehalem recently. So we headed up the North Fork this afternoon and Brett just happened to land one beast of a Steelhead. The fish of his life to be precise and the photos don't lie. What makes it even better is that he caught the thing on a fly that he tied right here on the coast. It's great when things come around full circle like that. He also scored a hatchery Steelhead that is now sitting comfortably at the bottom of my belly. There's just nothing like fresh fish at the end of the day. I'm so thankful and blessed right now. Life is grand.

The bottom line is that I had an unbelievable time shooting and participating in something other than surfing. That might not come as a surprise to you, but it certainly shocked the sh!t out of me. I enjoy life, all aspects of it, but surfing is far and away my favorite thing on earth. I never stop thinking about it. It consumes me. Surfing, watching people surf, photographing it, body surfing, just being in the ocean, there's really nothing better. However, I have to say, that I had an eye opening experience today while photographing Brett fly fishing. In fact, I'm actually jonesing to get after it again.


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