Around Town

It's funny how a new city inspires you. When I moved home to Oregon from Hawai'i in April of 2008, all I wanted to do was shoot. The spring was awful that year and the city was dark and grungy, but I liked it. It was such a change from the tropics. Instead of swaying palms and spitting a-frames, I was surrounded by concrete, clouds and rain. If it wasn't pouring outside I was on my skate, pushing around town with my gear strapped to my back, just shooting photos of anything and everything. It was a good time and I felt inspired. However, as time goes on our surroundings become commonplace and what once was awe inspiring is now simply standard. But I do love Portland. I love that it is the "big city" here in Oregon, but it's still small. I decided to rekindle that inspiration the other day. I just grabbed my gear and drove around shooting this and that. Here's a small sample of an imaginative city. Enjoy.

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  1. great shots....but i would recommend getting off the beaten path...or "slow down"...if you will. if you truly want to appreciate this town...put the skate in the pack & stop to smell the roses, ferns, exhaust, coffee, homelessness, rain, shade, people...

    every state in the union has something to offer....sometimes we simply need reminding.